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Now a Best Seller!
A bold, pioneering book from Harper Collins that shows how business can survive and thrive in the digital media revolution. C-Scape: Conquer the Factors Changing Business Today gives the reader a roadmap to how to succeed in the new digital media-dominated world.

Not so long ago, the business landscape was easier to chart. The routes connecting customers, companies, products, and services were predictable, reliable, and understood. Today, that landscape has been upended, and in its place a “C-Scape” has emerged—a world where Consumers, not producers and marketers, make the choices; where Content, not distribution, is king; where Curation becomes a primary currency of value; and where Convergence continues to revolutionize every part of every business. Larry Kramer leads the reader through this new, evolving world where the challenges are daunting—but the opportunities are huge.

A seasoned journalist turned superstar digital entrepreneur and venture capitalist, Kramer early on learned to survive and overcome the forces that are remaking the business landscape: the digital media revolution. Why media? Every aspect of every business is increasingly carried out through the media. From advertising and marketing to sales and customer service, from product design to manufacturing, everything that happens anywhere in business is ever more likely to happen on a screen or handheld device. That means any business could fall to the same threats facing the newspaper business and the music industry—unless that business learns to navigate the four C’s.  Kramer’s explanation of this new landscape is a revelation; his visionary advice is both crucial and urgent. No leader, whether at the helm of a small business or a conglomerate, will read this book without seeing the business world anew, and finding practical ways to put this book’s four powerful precepts immediately to work.

Where you can order a copy:

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  1. Colin says:

    Hooray – Just in time for the holidays. We can’t wait to get our copies. – Colin & Louise

  2. Please let me know if you are going to be in Alabama in time soon on your book signing tour. I’d like to meet you. John Hendricks is an old Jr. and Sr. High school friend and a visionary from many years ago.

    All The Best,
    Sparkie Waller
    Quinton, Alabama

  3. […] C-Scape, a new book by Larry Kramer, journalist-turned-digital entrepreneur/venture capitalist, offers case histories and insights to help businesses make more informed decisions on what to do next during these revolutionary/evolutionary times. […]

  4. […] Brands are content creators.  This is not new – see Larry Kramer’s recent book C-Scape, Conquer the Forces Shaping Business Todayc= and recall Coke’s Polar Bear campaign (ahead of its time, or pre cursing the future that is […]

  5. Chase says:

    Does the Vook version contain the entire text of the non-Vook Kindle version? Plus additional video? if that is the case– the Vook version contains all the content of the non-Vook version plus additional content– why does the Vook version have a lower retail price than the non-Vook Kindle version? Thanks for your response.

    • Larry Kramer says:

      it contains the entire text and the additional video. i believe it’s cheaper because they are trying to price it to move..it’s a new concept and they want as many people to try it as possible.

  6. nice book! We must be aware of what the book says, digital marketing is very effective for business.

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