This is a blog about the changing landscape of media and business.  C-Scape stands for the fact that the four themes driving change all begin with the letter “C”:

1) Consumer.  The power of the consumer has grown and continues to grow.  New technology has enabled the consumer to have much more choice in how and what he or she consumers.

2) Content.  Content emerges, yet again, as king.  The new digital platforms match buyers and sellers and squeeze everyone in between.  The value of owning content rather than just distributing it, has risen.

3) Curation.  In a world where all information is available to everyone, the ability to curate that information and value it is paramount.  Consumers need guides so they know where to spend their time.

4) Convergence.  All content and commerce is converging more and more onto emerging digital platforms.  Storytelling is converging into a digitial platform that will enable the use of all forms of media in one story.   Sales channels are converging, even layers of relationships are converging.

  1. Norm Zwail says:

    You are an incredible resource for me. I am a part-time teacher at the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising in San Diego. I teach a course called Contemporary Business Strategies that addresses the latest and greatest news concerning Social Media, Mobile Technology and Sustainable Practices.
    Be well,
    Norm Zwail

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