My 5 Favorite IPad Apps

Posted: November 4, 2010 in Consumer Power, Content, Convergence, Digital Media, Innovation, Newspapers

I do love my IPad. After a few months of use, I thought I’d pass along an update on the top five IPad apps that get the most use on my IPad. Remember to factor in seasonality.

1) I got a tremendous amount of use of Major League Baseballs App, because I am a subscriber to their service I was able to watch dozens of San Francisco Giants games from hotels and locations all around the country. It was HD quality video. During the Playoffs (something we rarely see in San Francisco) they even had a special application that gave you a 4-screen option, splitting the screen into four different simultaneous camera views. It was an awesome supplement to having the game up on the large screen. After all, most people cold get a playoff game itself, wherever they were.

2) New York Post. This paper’s new IPad app is living proof that newspapers can have a future on this platform. It’s a brilliant translation of the paper and it’s look and feel, but updated with navigation that makes great use of the new digital platform. Each day’s paper loads quickly and is on your screen from that point on. AND, they are charging a subscription price for it. Halleluyah! They are charging $6.99 a month/$39.99 for 6 months/$74.99 a year. They also have a couple nifty options. You can set it to always start with Sports (it’s a hugely popular paper with sports fans). You can just tap and hold your finger down on an article and share it via e-mail, twitter or Facebook, you can zoom in, you can “browse” an edition via a software, etc. You can also, and this is fun, create your own NYPost Front Page.

3) Angry Birds. A great game that gets challenging but isn’t just for kids. You can spend hours on an airplane avoiding work by playing this game. And, you can get angry. I, for example, am stuck on the 12th game in the third level, and have been for two flights now. If this keeps up, I may have a new favorite game and several of the people listed under credits in this game could mysteriously disappear.

4) Wall Street Journal. This application has it’s drawbacks. It takes a long time to load and it can be clunky. But it loads each day’s full Wall Street Journal and adds a new edition that has been updated to include news almost to the moment you asked. It’s a valuable resource. This was one of the first for-pay applications on IPad or on the web for that matter, and they have been improving it. It also includes videos and slide shows and the ability to archive. You can register and see a lot of articles for free, or, as a paid subscriber, you can full access to all news and much more functionality.

5) Amazon Kindle App. I believe the Kindle App is a better product than the Kindle itself because of the sharpness of the screen and the fact that it’s back lit. While the traditional Kindle is better outdoors or at the beach, that’s not when I read books for the most part. And having it on the IPad allows me to peel off and do something else, like check email or research something I just read about.

  1. hard for me to imagine Instapaper not making the top 5. I’d say it’s number one for me, with Kindle app a close second.

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