Why Am I Addicted to Angry Birds on the IPad?

Posted: October 16, 2010 in Uncategorized

It started, like all evil habits, with an offhand suggestion from my pal Jon Wald at lunch a couple weeks ago. We were talking about the IPad, and its future impact on our world, the media. He casually mentioned how he had his son to thank for introducing him to Angry Birds, an IPad App.

Risking appearing unhip, I nevertheless asked, innocently enough, “What’s that?”

Weeks later I’ve hopelessly slid into the world of addiction.

Angry Birds is an IPad app. It’s a game from from Robio Mobile Ltd and Chillingo. Two names that are now, to me anyway, synonymous with the Columbian Cartels.

The game is very easy to start playing. Sort of like taking that first toke. Using your finger and an on-screen sling shot, you launch little birds of varying types over to bomb little pig like animals across the screen. The animals are strategically placed around and under various pieces of wood, ice and other items meant to block the flight of the birds, which, if they land on the animal, squash it.

I’m not going into any more detail, except there are various levels of competitions, like most video games (think rolling papers, crack pipe, etc) that present growing levels of complexity.

But this game, because it’s played on the IPad, is on a screen big enough for a geezer like me with,er, substantial fingers, to play. And, it doesn’t require the kind of rapid eye-hand coordination that only 8 year olds brought up on Madden Football have. It slowly draws you in because you feel like you can do it easily enough.

And, because the IPad starts right up, has a huge battery life, and is generally with you when you are bored and traveling, well, it’s there right in front of me all the time.

I’ve now tortured myself over four flights across country, countless runways and late nights in hotel rooms. I’m behind on my writing, reading and various other work I need to do.

But, at least I got my son addicted to it by buying him an IPad, and casually mentioning on the phone that he ought to try Angry Birds. And I told him just before he left for his annual weekend trip with his pals and fellow alums to Ann Arbor to see a Michigan football game.

Ha. He’ll probably never make the game.

You should try it. 🙂

  1. Rick Yaeger says:

    You see, Larry, this is exactly why I haven’t bought Angry Birds—I know I’ll like it. I know I’ll like it way too much.

    I have enough trouble maintaining momentum on my daily blog and my social network not to mention the love and attention I need and want to show to my girlfriend.

    I fear Angry Birds will hook me and turn me into a glassy-eyes, staggering zombie. I don’t think I could manage my addiction nearly as well as you have.

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