Bringing Newspaper Subscriptions to IPads: Interviewed On Bloomberg TV

Posted: September 20, 2010 in Convergence, Digital Media, Innovation, News, Newspapers, Uncategorized

Should Apple sell Newspaper subscriptions on IPads? Of course they should and the Newspaper industry should be testing price points and negotiating terms as quickly as they can. News companies simply must go where the readers are. It’s no longer about newspapers, it’s about news. Apple is offering them a fantastic platform. Sure Apple wants to control their users. No kidding. Newspapers want to own their subscribers. Of course they do. So share already? Since Apple is predominantly selling hardware and newspaper companies are primarily selling news, They should share whatever data they can.

But newspapers should also be embracing new platforms as quickly as possible to bring their content to readers, particularly younger readers. The kind who have IPads. The newspaper companies have to embrace new forms of storytelling, not just the printed word. Video, Audio interactive graphics, photos…will all be part of the story they have to tell. So learning how to do that is important and the IPad is your first sandbox. The IPad is the first, but not the last, of many different tablet products that will emerge over the coming year from powerful companies like Google and Dell. This is only the beginning of a major shift in storytelling to the new digital platforms, and for newspaper companies to survive, they will need to learn how to tell stories on ALL platforms, or they will lose their readers entirely.

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