This is how it’s going to be: Created-for-Web series migrates to Cable Television

Posted: July 4, 2010 in Content, Convergence, Innovation, Programming
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Two years ago comedy star Rob Corddry (from The Daily Show with Jon Stewart) launched an hysterical web-only comedy series called Childrens Hospital on Several of Corddry’s pals, including Megan Mullaly, Erinn Hayes, Jason Sudeikis, Ed Helms and others appeared in the series of short episodes that debuted in 2008-2009. It was series of 10 five-minutes episodes that were a terrific parody of several hospital-based television series that barely stayed in the bounds of taste, even on the web!

Next Sunday, July 11, 2010, at 10:30 pm, The show will debut on cable TV on TBS’ Adult Swim, which takes over the Cartoon Network from 10pm to 6am every night.

“There are no standards whatsoever!” Corddry told New York Mag in an interview when the show originally launched in 2008. “Very conducive to the Internet: Sick and Filthy.”

The series chronicles the sick and twisted lives of several doctors in their “surreal and weird world” of a childrens hospital.

Two years and a Webby Award later, Children’s Hospital makes its contribution to the decline and fall of the old TV business model by proving ideas can now start on the internet and find their way to mainstream television. Even though this series was incubated by the web division of Warner Bros., it’s proof that the Internet is starting to fulfill its promise of lowering the cost bar to creative development.

This is a significant moment. It chips away at the barrier between the worlds of YouTube and traditional television.

Some of the original cast will stay, and are joined by Henry Winkler, Lake Bell and others. Guest stars will include Ed Begley Jr., John Cho, Rachel Harris and many more are in the new episodes that were made in LA this spring by Warner Bros. Television.

  1. CONGRATS. This is fabulous news and a theory that has been swimming in my mind for a couple years.

    But a few things were necessary for Childrens Hospital to make the jump: Rob Corddry had GREAT content, a marketable series, sustainable episodic content, a resume, friends who happen to have name recognition and I’m sure a team of people working behind the scenes getting this into the right hands, not to mention a FABULOUS digital space to start ( He had a lot of thing going for him.

    But he also put in his time. This took 2 years to happen; it wasn’t over night, but it did happen and I couldn’t be more happy for him.

    Best of luck to you Rob.
    Dating A Party Girl

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