Bob Bowman on and How It Has Become a Half Billion Dollar Business

Posted: June 15, 2010 in Consumer Power, Convergence, Digital Media, Innovation has become a digital media powerhouse and one of the best extensions of a traditional business. All sports have had interesting moments figuring out their long term relationship with their fans. Every major sport now has broadcast businesses of their own, including in the case of Football, Basketball and Baseball and even some college conferences, their own television networks. Still, the relationship between the leagues and broadcasters is a critical one, giving teams the largest portion of their guaranteed future revenues, and allowing those teams to sign stars to long term contracts.
Meanwhile, the leagues have understood just how quickly the media landscape is changing, and have begun to aggressively put their product on every possible platform because their fans are among the first on each platform, from satellite to phone to IPad, to want to use that platform to see their favorite team and catch up on the news. Sports so often are the definition of leasure time for Americans.
Bob Bowman has built from scratch into a powerhouse business and quickly made it a source of income rather than a drain. It’s a worthy story to any business looking at how to support an entrepreneurial division.

  1. gary whiting says:

    Very helpful loved it.

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